Chicago Gun Shops and Ranges

Gun Shops and Ranges around Chicago, Illinois and Indiana

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  1. I seek a small hand-gun for home protection living in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Where can I purchase one and where can I practice using it.

    1. You should first obtain a FOID card and then make a trip to the nearest range that offers handgun instruction, preferably for the Chicago Firearms Permit. There you can make the determination if you really want to do this AND have an opportunity to test out different handguns. If you’re using a gun to defend yourself we would want you to be trained and comfortable with the weapon you choose.

  2. Have you recently updated the list of gun shops and ranges? I don’t see Midwest in Lyons on your map. It might also be useful to have a dollar sign rating to show how expensive ammo is at the various ranges.

    Thank you!

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