Chicago Police Maintain Overall Crime Drop in August – (Except for Murders)

Chicago Police Maintain Overall Crime Drop in August; Violent Crimes Down in 23 of City’s 25 Police Districts

Assistant Superintendent James B. Jackson discussed preliminary crime statistics for the month of August in a press conference today, announcing that total crime dropped by 4.5 percent Citywide, supported by an 11 percent decrease in violent crimes and more than 2 percent decline in property offenses. Nearly every category of index offenses tapered in the City’s 20th consecutive month of overall crime drops.

Murder was the only violent crime to show an uptick in August, which followed a drop in July that ended a four-month consecutive increase. A total of 313 murder victims raised the total by five victims compared to last year, resulting in a 1.6 percent increase. Assistant Superintendent Jackson pledged the committed efforts of Chicago Police to continuing strategic policing and the building of cooperative relationships with community members to reverse the marginal increase.

“Any number of homicides is going to be dissatisfying until we see the number at zero,” said Assistant Superintendent Jackson. “No singular approach can drive down crime, and so while we are pleased with successful strategies which have helped crime drop overall across the City, Chicago Police must have the community as partners in this plan,” he added.

Every other violent index offense dropped through the end of August, including criminal sexual assaults by more than 10 percent, robberies by more than 14 percent, and aggravated assaults by nearly 13 percent. Aggravated batteries dropped more than 6 percent. Jackson praised efforts of the Bureau of Patrol and Bureau of Investigative Services, whose strategic missions especially targeted public violence in August.

This included a series of Organized Crime Division missions and a separate, joint law enforcement agency initiative with Chicago Police officers from units in the Bureaus of Patrol and Investigative Services. Combined results yielded more than 170 arrests and $1.7 million in narcotics. Thirty weapons also were seized, contributing to the 5,679 weapons Chicago Police recovered through the end of August – more than 189 more than were seized last year during that time.

Property index offenses dropped in almost every category, with the exception of motor vehicle theft, which was up by about 21 percent. Arson showed the greatest drop at 14.5 percent, followed by theft at more than 7 percent, and burglary at 2 percent.

According to preliminary statistics through the end of August 2010:

Violent Index Crime is down 11 percent
Homicide – up 1.6 percent
Criminal Sexual Assault – down 10.1 percent
Robbery – down 14.1 percent
Aggravated Assault – down 12.9 percent
Aggravated Battery – down 6.1 percent

Property Index Crime is down 2.6 percent
Burglary – down 2 percent
Theft – down 7.1 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft – up 21.2 percent
Arson – down 14.5 percent