The Real Cost of Your Right To Bear Arms

What does it really cost to register a handgun (or other firearm) in the city of Chicago? The costs start climbing quickly when you add in the fact that you must travel outside of the city 30+ miles to the nearest shooting range and gun class.

Some members at Illinois Carry are discussing what the “unconstitutional gun tax” costs are adding up to, with time, mileage, fuel, paperwork and fees.

Anywhere from $400 to $900? Doesn’t seem exactly fair, does it?

3 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Your Right To Bear Arms”

  1. Im interested in buying a handgun, live in the city of Chicago, but also have a house in Michigan. Im wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to buy a gun in Michigan and then register it here. I can’t seem to find information on the process of buying a handgun here in Chicago. Anyone out there have some helpful information ? Thanks

  2. Guess what?

    you don’t have to “register” your firearm in michigan, or MOST places in the US.

    Chicago does NOT have and right nor power to prevent you from purchasing a firearm.

    purchase your firearm in Illinois if you wish, keep it in Michigan if you desire. I would suggest you learn about Michigans laws pertaining to possesion and transportation.

    WHERE you purchase your firearm makes no difference as far as the unconstitutional Chicago oridinance is concerned.

    How you allow their law to limit your ability to defend yourself and your family is up to you.

  3. I have a shotgun in TN, I have a plan to move to Chicago in 3 months and buy a condo and live there, How can I carry my gun before getting FOID?

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