240 Chicago Firearms Permits (CFP) applied for in first 9 days

Wendell Hutson @ The Chicago Defender has reported that on the first day of the new ordinance there were 75 applications picked up for the new Chicago Firearms Permit (CFP) and total of 240 registrations submitted in the 9 days since. (Note: you can download the application here)

The Defender also reports that there has been an increase in FOIDs. From January 31st to July 9th state police records count an increase of 2,311 FOIDs issued, bringing the count of Chicago cards from 104,256 to 106,667.

Read the full article here: Chicago Defender > City firearm owner ID process underway as state sets tougher gun penalties

Edit: Title clarified, submitting application for CFP does not equal permits issued.

Edit 2: Only 11 permits submitted. 🙁

3 thoughts on “240 Chicago Firearms Permits (CFP) applied for in first 9 days”

  1. Your statement is not supported by the article. Article says that 240 applications handed to citizens, but only 11 of those applications were submitted for processing.

    1. Thank you for keeping me in check. I read it as 11 returned for further processing but your take fits into the reports that initial registrations were taking 4 months. I apologize for my hasty posting.

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