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6 Reasons to Break the Silence

Crime Scene photo by Alan Cleaver
Lt. Dan Marcou brings us another view of violence in Chicago and how we can affect it and what impact the gun violence has had on Chicago’s officers.

His article: Despite ‘no-snitch’ rule, cops clear cases leads in by commending our dedicated officers’ spirit in the face of adversity: citizens and crime victims who will not cooperate and the horrific and increasingly brazen attacks on cops.

Lt. Marcou offers up 6 key reasons why you need to be involved in your neighborhood:

1. No criminal can operate openly on a street corner unless the neighborhood tolerates it.
2. No neighborhood is fit for a child to be raised in when criminals are allowed by neighbors to operate freely in that neighborhood.
3. Police are less effective without citizen cooperation.
4. If a community allows criminals to intimidate them into silence, they will eventually will become prisoners of their own fear.
5. With total community backing, the police can send criminals packing.
6. A criminal commits no crimes in a community during the years he is locked away in a prison.

He points out that Chicago police have cleared 30% of the homicides and 18% of the less-than-fatal shootings. Although this may seem to be a low number, Lt. Marcou believes that this is an “incredible” result considering the code of silence that surrounds violent crime in Chicago.

After a recap of the terrible loss of three officers in the last three months he leaves us with this call to action:

The citizens of those neighborhoods turning a blind eye to the unchecked violence of ruthless gang bangers must decide if they want their children to thrive in the neighborhoods the community chooses to change for the better, or cower in the neighborhoods the gangs destroy.

One thing is certain. While the citizens of Chicago struggle with these issues, thousands of officers of the Chicago Police Department will strap on their duty belt and pin on their badge each day and hit the means streets of the “Windy City” often beleaguered, ever indomitable.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay positive!

Via: PoliceOne.com

6 Reasons Why Only 83 CFP Applications Submitted So Far

Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns points out that CPD has only received 83 applications for Firearms Permits (as of Monday) vs. 100,000+ illegal guns (estimate based on a 2007 study).

TTAG also outlines 6 Good Reasons why Chicagoans may not be turning out in the droves we hoped for.

How to buy a handgun in Chicago – Step 1

Junius @ Looking Backward shares with us a glimpse into his first steps in obtaining his Chicago Firearms Permit.

Shooting Range image by Spring Dew via FlickrIn pursuit of the ever-elusive legally owned Chicago-bound handgun, I found myself in a western suburb this weekend going through the NRA Basic Pistol course. I cannot recommend this class highly enough to someone with little practical experience in shooting or weapons safety. The class goes into great detail in examining the constituent parts of revolvers and semiautomatic handguns, spends time discussing safety in detail (as well as legal and ethical liability), shooting stance, grip, correcting shooting errors, assessing the difference between calibers and how to recover from common weapons malfunctions. And that’s just the classroom portion.

I ended up having to come back the next day for range time since I misjudged my I-Go reservation, but benefited from the undivided attention of our teacher. Within an hour I had dramatically improved my accuracy with the Glock 17 (and while I originally hated this handgun, it turns out that a proper grip corrects the slide bite and loose accuracy that irritated me at first). As my instructor was certified by Illinois as a firearms instructor, he was able to sign the training affadavit for the Chicago Firearms Permit application.

Read more at Looking Backward

Julius also has a few more posts on Chicago’s responsible gun ownership ordinance with some great insight.

Chicago Firearms Permit CFP and Ordinance

We’ve had some questions about long firearms registration (shotgun, rifle) and the new ordinance. We have been told that the new ordinance applies to ALL registrations. So if you are renewing an existing registration be prepared to get a CFP, instruction/range time and pay $100 (valid for 3 years) in addition to the firearm registration.

You can get the forms on our Downloads page