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Daley Still Blames Violence on Guns AND Takes Credit for Lifting Handgun Ban

Daley Devilish T-Shirt, Flickr photo by JOE MARINAROMick Dumke at The Chicago News Cooperative reports that Daley Tries to Combat Perception of Rising Crime

In a novel twist, Daley also claimed credit for drafting a new ordinance allowing the legal registration of handguns in Chicago, even though he didn’t do so until after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively ended the city’s handgun ban.

“I understand some Chicagoans want to be able to keep guns in the home, and I listened to them,” he said.

Guest Post: Incorporation and the 2nd Amendment

Hi, this is a guest post from my blog, which I am reproducing here without any editing, save for this introduction and a short bit about who I am at the end of the post. Ryan was very kind to ask me to reproduce this here and I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

More theoretical political thought, since the last post on American political history and thought was oh so popular! This one is on the recent extension of Incorporation to the 2nd Amendment. Of course, the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms – has been probably the most contentious of the Bill of Rights, and dutifully so. A very strong percentage of Americans, especially American liberals, believe that gun control is an important method of crime prevention, especially aggressive and violent crimes.

Due to the case of Barron vs. Baltimore, the Bill of Rights was not applied to state or city governments in the United States; therefore, according to constitutional precedent, while the federal government cannot unreasonably restrict the right of a person to bear firearms, the many state and municipal governments are not bound by that particular restriction. Many states and especially cities, therefore, established laws banning handguns and other restrictions. One of these cities was Chicago.
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Warning: Misinformation About CFP Reported via Associated Press

I just confirmed this with the Chicago Police Department Firearms Registration Desk.

Only 1 Chicago Firearms Permit is required ($100 every 3 years).

Each firearm MUST be registered, and will incur individual fees per each.

The Chicago Tribune did not approve our comment suggesting the inaccuracy. The Associated Press is apparently feeding this misinformation out this morning. CBS2 has also picked it up.

You can read the supporting documents in our downloads section.

Let us know if you spot this anywhere else and feel free to point them in the right direction.

Thanks to Four Black Men and a Gun

Marcus Cole At Pileus Blog shares with us an introspective take on his life, a protecting father, McDonald v. City of Chicago, and a shotgun.

As an American, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to many, many people who have risked and given their lives to defend our liberty. But as I reflect on the recent Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago, I thought I should take a moment to mention four Americans who have made a relatively uncelebrated contribution to the freedom I cherish and enjoy. I owe a special debt to four black men, and one gun.

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