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240 Chicago Firearms Permits (CFP) applied for in first 9 days

Wendell Hutson @ The Chicago Defender has reported that on the first day of the new ordinance there were 75 applications picked up for the new Chicago Firearms Permit (CFP) and total of 240 registrations submitted in the 9 days since. (Note: you can download the application here)

The Defender also reports that there has been an increase in FOIDs. From January 31st to July 9th state police records count an increase of 2,311 FOIDs issued, bringing the count of Chicago cards from 104,256 to 106,667.

Read the full article here: Chicago Defender > City firearm owner ID process underway as state sets tougher gun penalties

Edit: Title clarified, submitting application for CFP does not equal permits issued.

Edit 2: Only 11 permits submitted. 🙁

Gun shop owner sues Chicago over opening new stores

We have a great post from The NAGR Gun Rights Blog with some more details and insight into the lawsuit against the city of Chicago’s ban on the sale of firearms within it’s boundaries.

“By banning gun shops and the sale (of) handguns, Chicago and Mayor Daley currently maintain and actively enforce a set of laws, customs, practices and policies under color of state law which deprive individuals, including the plaintiffs, of their right to keep and bear arms, and engage in commerce by selling them, lawful products, in violation of the Second and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution,” the lawsuit alleges.

Read more.

Tell us what you think: do you support the sale of legal firearms in Chicago?

Chicago Police Announce Official June 2010 Crime Statistics

Advisory Message has been issued by the Chicago Police Department – Headquarters.

Tuesday July 20, 2010 5:34 PM CDT

Chicago Police Announce Official June 2010 Crime Statistics– Amended

CHICAGO- Today, Superintendent Jody P. Weis released official crime trends which emerged through the end of June 2010. Total crime dropped Citywide by 3.9 percent and was supported by a 10.6 percent drop in violent index offenses and 1.9 percent decrease in property index crimes. This results in an 18-month consecutive trend of lower overall crime in Chicago.

Superintendent Weis recognized the increase in homicides, a total which, at the end of June, was up by 5.4%. The 214 homicides recorded between January and June 2010 were 11 more than last year. However, Weis is encouraged that the crime reduction initiatives are working. “Through today’s date, homicides are up less than 1% when compared to the same time period last year,” Weis stated. “This is encouraging. However, zero is the only acceptable number, and the men and women of the Department work diligently in support of this goal every day,” he added.
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Hey, can I borrow $900 million?

Hey, can I borrow $900 million? That should be enough to get us over this hump.

Or is it? Illinois is selling $900 million in bonds today to help get through the fiscal year. The plan is to raise $900 million through Build America Bonds to fund its first capital program in more than a decade. The money will be used to improve roads, bridges and schools.

But thanks to recession and years of overspending we’re looking at a potential $13 billion budget deficit — the equivalent of about 50 percent of our entire operating budget. We’re an estimated $6 billion behind in paying what it owes to public schools, hospitals and private businesses that do work under contract.

Govenor Pat Quinn photo by Chris Eaves ( this despite Gov. Pat Quinn chopping $1.4 billion from the budget and it’s just the beginning: next week the state plans to raise $1.3 billion in short-term notes next week and $1.4 billion in debt related to tobacco settlement funds in November.

Adding to the problem: That borrowing is going to be millions of dollars more expensive for the state than it should be, because of Illinois’ reduced credit rating, due to (drum roll please) the state’s failure to address its fiscal crisis.

“The state has not demonstrated the political willingness to take action during the fiscal crisis to restructure its budget to achieve balance and has relied almost exclusively on borrowing to close its sizeable budget gaps,” according to the credit firm FitchRatings who recently reduced the state’s credit rating.

The black hole of a money problem isn’t going unnoticed as CNN Money’s headline on this issue asks if Illinois is “Our very own Greece,” referring to the debt-driven fiscal meltdown in Europe.

State comptroller Daniel Hynes solidifies the mess we’re in: “We’re leveraging our future and that’s not the correct approach, but it was what was chosen out of a lot of bad options.”

Let’s hope if there is a meltdown that Chicago residents can insulate themselves from the aftermath.

Tell us what you think: is this the best move we can make or are we already sunk?