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2012 NICS numbers are in

20130102_1998_2012_monthly_yearly_totalsThe FBI released the numbers for the NICS checks done this year, which includes the crazy month of December. I had heard anecdotal stories from local FFLs of them having trouble contacting NICS and that they had gotten a rarely heard busy signal from the number, so I knew the numbers were high. I had no idea they would skew that much higher than previous months.

Doing some quick math, this entire year was up 19% from last year but that seems on par with 2012 being an election year.

The unbelievable numbers start when you compare December to other months of this year. November was when the election hit and the ensuing rush we all witnessed happened but even still December had an increase of 39% over the already elevated background check numbers of November. If you want to see how December compares to a more normal month, you can roll back to February. That month had the 3rd highest number of NICS checks for the year but stated close to the average of the other months. December dwarfs that month with almost 60% more background checks.

Of course, these numbers don’t paint the entire picture as not every background check results in a sale. These stats do however help explain the wild variances we’ve all seen in the supply and demand of the firearms market recently.

Chicago Clergy Coalition Wants Illinois Gun Registry

A coalition of Chicago clergy has announced their intentions to gather 100,000 signatures to petition support House Bill 5831 for an Illinois Gun Registry.

Reverend Ira J. Acree, one of the organizers of this movement, commented that “Rifles, AK-47s and machine guns should not be in the hands of ordinary citizens.”

Ironically, automatic weapons can not be owned by ordinary Illinois citizens, so using the guise of a statewide registry to combat such weapons is a farce. Understandably the Chicago clergy is concerned about homicides in Chicago, but why suggest imposing registration on the whole state? Are rural Illinois gun owners driving up to Chicago to murder your flock?

Source: Clergy call for statewide gun registration

NSSF – Chicago Violating Federal Law

The National Shooting Sports Foundation posted an article by Larry Keane on their website which points out that according to a recent Chicago Sun-Times article the Chicago Police Department had provided the University of Chicago Crime Lab with firearm trace information for the purpose of producing a report.

The article points out a number of issues such as: the director of the Crime Lab has an anti-gun bias, the finding that weapons are not sourced in Chicago (since there are no gun shops in Chicago) is obvious, and most shocking is that the distribution of this firearm data to a non-law enforcement entity for purposes other than an actual criminal investigation violates the Tiahrt amendment.

From :

The public release of firearms trace data is prohibited under federal legislation known as the Tiahrt Amendment. This legislation is supported by Congress, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and law enforcement groups such as the Fraternal Order of Police because it secures sensitive tracing information which would jeopardize on-going criminal investigations and put the lives of law enforcement officers and others at risk. So while no law enforcement agency in the country has ever been denied access to firearm trace data about their community, not a single one, it remains imperative that this information not be made public.

Keane asks us to draw the line: “Stand up against those who ignore the law to push their anti-gun agenda. Register to vote today, and make a change in November.”

Lincolnwood Gun Range Has Trustees’ Support

Plans for an indoor gun range to be operated by firearm retailer Shore Galleries has gained support of the Lincolnwood Trustees according to the Chicago Tribune.

Guns and ammunition have been present in the village for 56 years and will continue to be present at Shore even if the store stays in its current location, argued Trustee Jesal B. Patel.

“I would guess if you’re going to commit a crime with a gun, the last place you’re going to go is where everyone has a gun and there are lots of police officers,” he said.

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