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Do Want: Tactical Walls

Here’s an innovative product for gun storage, Tactical Walls is the name of it and it’s pretty self explanatory. Essentially, it’s a molded insert that you place between the wall studs in your house. The interesting part is that you can cover it with a mirror, picture frame, or similar house decoration. They even sell a bundle that comes with a sliding mirror for the added cool factor.

Tactical Walls


If you don’t have or need the space to stash an AR with a couple pistols, they also sell a smaller insert. All in all, it seems like a great product that helps mitigate some of the drawbacks that safes have in a home defense situation. You don’t need to worry about punching in a code in the dark while your adrenaline is pumping, you just have quick access to what you need.

Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a secret agent sliding that mirror open? – a great ammo search tool

As someone who has been a passive observer to the current ammo market, my shooting hobby hasn’t really been disrupted. I did get my dad to join my winter pistol league and experiencing the ammo search through him has been very eye opening to the extent of the drought. Helping my father locate enough 9mm to compete in our modest round count league has been rough to say the least. I’m sure I don’t need to explain it as you’ve experienced it yourself.

Luckily, we have the internet and gun owners who are much smarter than I. One such individual has created which is a super slick ammo finder.

I hope it proves as useful to you as it did for me. Feel free to share any tools or sites you use to find ammo.

2012 NICS numbers are in

20130102_1998_2012_monthly_yearly_totalsThe FBI released the numbers for the NICS checks done this year, which includes the crazy month of December. I had heard anecdotal stories from local FFLs of them having trouble contacting NICS and that they had gotten a rarely heard busy signal from the number, so I knew the numbers were high. I had no idea they would skew that much higher than previous months.

Doing some quick math, this entire year was up 19% from last year but that seems on par with 2012 being an election year.

The unbelievable numbers start when you compare December to other months of this year. November was when the election hit and the ensuing rush we all witnessed happened but even still December had an increase of 39% over the already elevated background check numbers of November. If you want to see how December compares to a more normal month, you can roll back to February. That month had the 3rd highest number of NICS checks for the year but stated close to the average of the other months. December dwarfs that month with almost 60% more background checks.

Of course, these numbers don’t paint the entire picture as not every background check results in a sale. These stats do however help explain the wild variances we’ve all seen in the supply and demand of the firearms market recently.