H.R. 822 (National Right to Carry Act) Passes House

let’s hope that this gets Concealed Carry in Illinois moving.

The National Right to Carry Act, a piece of legislation that would enable those with concealed carry permit in any state to carry in every other state that issues concealed carry permits, has passed the House of Representatives with flying colors. The final vote was almost 2:1 in favor of the bill, mostly along party lines with Republicans in favor of passage. Heck, even one of the representatives from Illinois rose in support of the bill, stating that he wanted the passage of the bill to send a message to the governor of his state that concealed carry needs to be enacted in that state, just like it has been in the other 49 states in the Union. The debate was fascinating to watch — Republicans were calm, cool and collected in their support of the bill while Democrats came off as rambling old coots who didn’t really understand the issues involved. It was like the Nixon / JFK debate all over again. But there was one belle of the ball…


Are you in favor of concealed carry in Illinois? Why are we the only state without it?

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