Chicago Police Preliminary Crime Statistics for July: Overall Down 4.8%

Chicago Police Camera Flickr Photo by get directly downChicago Police Release Preliminary Crime Statistics for July. Overall- down 4.8%. Violent crime is down by 11%.

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody P. Weis discussed preliminary crime statistics for the month of July at a press conference held at Chicago Police Headquarters today. Superintendent Weis highlighted the drop in murders and 19th consecutive month of lower overall crime. At the same time he recognized that declining crime figures are not a relief for victims and residents who have seen an increasing number of violent incidents reported in the news.

Every single category of violent index offenses was down through the end of July. Four fewer murders resulted in a 1.5 percent decrease, ending a four-month consecutive rise in the offense. Robberies, which were down in 22 of the City’s 25 police districts, showed the greatest drop in violent index offenses at just over 14 percent, followed by an 11 percent drop in aggravated assaults and 9.2 percent drop in criminal sexual assaults. The number of aggravated batteries similarly was lower compared to last year during the same period, as shown in a 7 percent drop.

Superintendent Weis acknowledged that the Code of Silence still persists, but thanked community members for providing police with information during a recent shooting on the south side, where an officer was struck. “It is probable that, had these individuals not been captured that day, someone else – potentially more than one person – would have been shot,” Weis stated. “We cannot measure prevention – but to the community members who stepped forward, I say thank you on behalf of the city—because you probably saved someone’s life,” he added.

Eighteen of the City’s 25 police districts realized a decrease in property index offenses. The greatest drop was seen in arson offenses, which were down by more than 15 percent at the end of July, followed by declines in theft at 7.5 percent and burglary at 2.5 percent. Motor vehicle theft was the only category of crime statistics to increase this month, up 20.4 percent compared to last year during the same time.

The Superintendent urged community members to come forward with information about any crime, referencing the relationship between gangs, guns and drugs. “An allegiance and partnership between the community and police is more powerful than any gang or criminal entity out there,” Weis stated.

According to preliminary statistics through the end of July 2010:

Violent Index Crime is down 11 percent
Homicide – down 1.5 percent
Criminal Sexual Assault – down 9.2 percent
Robbery – down 14.1 percent
Aggravated Assault – down 11 percent
Aggravated Battery – down 7 percent

Property Index Crime is down 3.1 percent
Burglary – down 2.5 percent
Theft – down 7.5 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft – up 20.4 percent
Arson – down 15.6 percent

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