Three More Reasons Daley Thinks You Don’t Have a Second Amendment Right

So not only does it look like you can’t have a regular 9-5 in order to register a gun within the cities Monday through Friday 8:30am – 3:30PM time frame. but Daley seems to think if you have 20/50 corrected vision you don’t have a second amendment right either. Oh and good luck finding that license number for the state certified instructor. It doesn’t exist yet.

Chicago PD Permit Process

Now described on their web site. I would note that there is 5 pages of forms to fill out in order to legally register a firearm, and also with that five hours of training. They’ll also fingerprint you at the time of the application. I would also note they only appear to be open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30pm each day. Good luck getting your permit if you have a job. Better luck if you’re poor and can’t afford to take a day off. Daley is a snake.

UPDATE From the comments:

Also note that currently the permit requires the license number of the State certified instructor. That particular ‘license’ from the IL Dept of Professional Regulation (DPR) has no number, so the form cannot be completed even if one has the requisite training from a certified instructor.

I’m sure Daley will get that worked out after a few more expensive and time consuming lawsuits.

UPDATE: Also from the comments, apparently Daley thinks people with 20/50 corrected vision, which could still see an attacker and aim safely at typical self-defense distances, don’t have a Second Amendment right.

source: Snow Flakes in Hell

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