The M Factor

Ready to take advantage of your right to bear arms within Chicago city limits? And with so many great firearms it has to be a tough decision. Well let me point you in the right direction by mentioning the up coming .45 caliber Spring Field Armory XD(M). These Polymer pistols are the cats meow and when fired shot for shot with comparable handguns such as the H&K USP, you’re sure to be more than impressed. Take a look at some of the sneak peaks we’ve found and be sure to register for SA’s mailing list to get the latest info on how to be the first on the Chicago block with the new Springfield Armory .45 XD(M)

Springfield Armory .45 ACP XD(M)

Springfield Armory is finally leaking information about the 45acp XDm series pistol. No samples were available but they had what they called their Ghost XD poster hanging up announcing the existence of the pistol. According to the Springfield Reps, execs from the company flew to Croatia last week most likely to finalize things with this new pistol. Reps said it was real hush hush and thought the prototype would make an appearance at the show, so I will have to check back every day to check. Since there is all of the secrecy no one knew or would talk about MSRP, colors, barrel lengths. Speculation was that the NRA Show would be the first major release of the the new pistol.

The XDm series of XD pistols is getting a second generation. From now on they will be called XDm-3.8 and XDm-4.5. The 3.8 & 4.5 denote the barrel lengths, respectively. The new features include redesigned slip resistant slide serrations, factory available fiber optic sights and the new 3.8 and 4.5 engravings.


Caliber: 45ACP

Magazines: 2 – 13 Round, Stainless Steel

Barrel: 4.5″ Steel, Melonite®, Fully Supported Ramp

Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3-Dot

Trigger Pull: 5.5 – 7.7lbs.

Frame : Black Polymer

Slide: Forged Steel

Overall Length: 8″

Height: 5.75″

Weight w/ empty mag: 31 oz .

Available colors: Black and Bi-Tone

*High Capacity Magazines may not be available in some states.

source: Springfield Armory
source: Tacti Cool

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