Chicago: Where Criminals No Longer Fear the Police

Jack Dunphy (a pseudonym of an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department) gives us an officer’s view of crime in Chicago from outside of Chicago. Chicago: Where Criminals No Longer Fear the Police:

It’s a shame that the public has to be reminded of this from time to time, but any cop can testify to this inescapable fact of police work: Where there is no punishment for criminal behavior, crime will flourish.
Nowhere has this been demonstrated with greater clarity lately than in Chicago…

Do you think his view is accurate?

2 thoughts on “Chicago: Where Criminals No Longer Fear the Police”

  1. Is this anonymous coward retarded? His town regularly let’s celebrities skate on crimes they commit. The average jail time for celebrities is measured in hours.

    Why doesn’t he work on getting his office in order before talking about other cities.

  2. Indeed. It’s laughable, though in some fairness to the LAPD officer, they are only able to arrest these dirtbags, it’s the prosecutors office, corrections officials and the judiciary in California that allow that crap to go on. That being said, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Sure, it may not be wannabe mafioso’s going free in SoCal, but if you’ve got some money and your face on a movie or album cover, you’re good to go.

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