Chicago Police Announce Official June 2010 Crime Statistics

Advisory Message has been issued by the Chicago Police Department – Headquarters.

Tuesday July 20, 2010 5:34 PM CDT

Chicago Police Announce Official June 2010 Crime Statistics– Amended

CHICAGO- Today, Superintendent Jody P. Weis released official crime trends which emerged through the end of June 2010. Total crime dropped Citywide by 3.9 percent and was supported by a 10.6 percent drop in violent index offenses and 1.9 percent decrease in property index crimes. This results in an 18-month consecutive trend of lower overall crime in Chicago.

Superintendent Weis recognized the increase in homicides, a total which, at the end of June, was up by 5.4%. The 214 homicides recorded between January and June 2010 were 11 more than last year. However, Weis is encouraged that the crime reduction initiatives are working. “Through today’s date, homicides are up less than 1% when compared to the same time period last year,” Weis stated. “This is encouraging. However, zero is the only acceptable number, and the men and women of the Department work diligently in support of this goal every day,” he added.

Every other category of violent crime decreased, with criminal sexual assaults, robberies, and aggravated assaults all down by at least 9.3 percent. Fourteen of the 25 police districts experienced double digit decreases in violent crime, and another six declined overall in violence compared to last year. Aggravated Batteries with a Firearm also declined by 1.4 percent.

At the end of June, Chicago Police seized 4,241 weapons, which were 210 more than police recovered last year during the same period. Assault weapon recoveries totaled 155 through the end of June.

With over 1,000 fewer property crime incidents through the end of June, property index offenses dropped almost 2 percent compared to last year during the same period. Arson showed the greatest drop at 16 percent, followed by theft at 6.7 percent. Motor vehicle theft was the only property crime category to rise compared to 2009, up by 21.3 percent.

Superintendent Weis continues to urge the public to stay involved. “If you stay silent, you are going to stay scared,” Weis stated. “It doesn’t matter how you get the information to us; but the consequences could be tragic if you do not. The only person who benefits is the criminal,” he added.

According to official statistics through the end of June 2010:

Violent Index Crime is down 10.6 percent
Homicide—up 5.4 percent
Criminal Sexual Assault—down 9.3 percent
Robbery—down 13.1 percent
Aggravated Assault—down 11.4 percent
Aggravated Battery—down 7.3 percent

Property Index Crime is down 1.9 percent
Burglary—down 0.5 percent
Theft—down 6.7 percent
Motor Vehicle Theft—up 21.3 percent
Arson—down 16 percent

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